How Magic Patterns leaned on Swishjam during their viral launch to help grow MRR 105% in 48 hours

Using Swishjam, Magic Patterns logs most product usage to a special Slack channel called #swishjam-alerts

Automations 2.0: Activating Your Product Usage Data

Easily activate your product data with Swishjam Automations. With a few clicks you can send slack messages, emails, and more.

Introducing Cohorts by Swishjam

Group your users by common properties across all of your SaaS tools.

How to use UTM Parameters for Startups

An often overlooked part of marketing and top of funnel work for startups is making sure you track where folks are coming from and what types of content or advertising works best for you. One tiny component of that tracking is utilizing UTM parameters to aid in that.

How to setup a weekly summary of your Stripe activity

A quick tutorial on how to setup a weekly recurring summary of key Stripe metrics into your team's slack channel

Revenue Analytics by Swishjam, connect your product usage data to revenue

Revenue Analytics pulls in all of your core SaaS-related revenue metrics into a single dashboard to enable you to better understand your business and keep track of what matters most; your revenue. Most importantly, your revenue is now automatically connected to your user’s product usage.

Creating Startup Dopamine: Harnessing the Power of Real-Time User Events in Slack

Our thesis was relatively simple: staying attuned to your users' behaviors and preferences is not just beneficial; it's essential. That's where integrating your web and product analytics with Slack comes into play, transforming abstract data into a vivid narrative of user engagement.

Goodbye Product Analytics, Hello Digital Analytics.

A single pane of glass for all of your digital analytics. Taking your site's analytics data to the next level.

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