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Digital analytics to unify all of your customer data and get meaningful insights out of the box.

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All Core KPIs in One Place

Easily combine all of your data; product, marketing, and financial metrics, into a single dashboard.

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See Every Customer Touchpoint

Robust profiles enriched with AI to give you all the data you need it.

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It's Smart!

Built in AI & data enrichment to enable your team.

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Integrations Made Simple

Get data where you need it to be. Get it into Swishjam or into other systems with a few clicks.

Workflows & Triggers

Take action when any of your data changes. Data where you need when you need it.

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Plug & Play

All of your digital analytics in one place

With a 5 minute integration start collecting both your product and marketing data, and stitch it together with all of your other data sources. No SQL required.

All your data, one interface.
Comebine Swishjam's web and product analytics with your other data sources to get a complete picture of your business.
Answer questions like who are my top users, how well am I retaining them, what's my most popular feature, and more.
Pre-built dashboards & data connections make setup a breeze.
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Page McConnell

Get a wholistic view of all your customer data

Combine data from all your apps into a useful singular view

Product Data 🤝 Payments Data 🤝 Customer Support Data
Your tools should have the right information to power your work.
Data Enrichment
Easily toggle on data enrichment to give you deep insights into who is signing up and using your product
Update Your Tools
Update your CRM, support tools, and more with data from Swishjam

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