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How Magic Patterns leaned on Swishjam during their viral launch to help grow MRR 105% in 48 hours

How Magic Patterns leaned on Swishjam during their viral launch to help grow MRR 105% in 48 hours

Zach Zimbler
Zach ZimblerApril 6, 2024

A simple Garry Tan tweet sent Magic Patterns viral. During the unexpected viral launch Magic Patterns heavily relied on Swishjam to give them a sense of how their product was being used in real-time. 48 hours later, they saw their MRR up 105%.

329shots_so.png Revenue numbers (obviously) obfuscated for public purposes. Visulization pulled from Swishjam Revenue Analytics.

Using Swishjam, Magic Patterns logs their key product interactions to a special Slack channel called #swishjam-alerts. For example, when a user clicks upgrade, but does not ultimately pay, a Slack alert is sent. Using the logic branching within Swishjam they've been able to selectively highlight the most important combination of events for users.

With Swishjam, we were able to engage with users who may not have otherwise upgraded and learn from them — Alex Danilowicz, Co-Founder of Magic Patterns

329shots_so (1).png

Magic Patterns has configured 18 different automations to trigger Slack notifications spread across three different channels. They log all kinds of events, such as when a new subscription is created in Stripe, or when a user logs in for the first time in a while, clicks contact support, or submits feedback, among many other scenarios.


This has allowed the Magic Patterns team to quickly react to regressions in their app and also "wow" their users' by providing proactive, quick, and personalized support. It has even resulted in customers reaching out asking how they're able to stay on top of their usage and customers so well. 591shots_so.png

Honestly, I don't think we would have noticed we were going viral if it weren't for Swishjam. We saw the influx of notifications coming in, and that helped us realize what was happening and to prepare for the traffic. — Teddy Ni, Co-Founder of Magic Patterns


When building a digital product, while it can easily and often happens, the last thing you want is to become disconnected and out of touch with your users' experience.

It's created a culture where we can respond to users so quickly which has helped us convert more folks to being paid subscribers — Teddy Ni


You would think it's a lot of noise. Quite the opposite. We've carefully crafted the alerts to fire at the perfect moment. Seeing how customers use our product is the most important thing to us, and Swishjam surfaces that directly in Slack — Alex Danilowicz


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