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Maximize your profit by linking usage data and revenue data for a new lens on your customers.

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All your customer profile data in one place

Combine data from all your apps into a useful singular view

Product Data 🤝 Payments Data 🤝 Customer Support Data
Your tools should have the right information to power your work.
Data Enrichment
Easily toggle on data enrichment to give you deep insights into who is signing up and using your product
Update Your Tools
Update your CRM, support tools, and more with data from Swishjam

Keep the growth machine going

Catch churn before it happens

Identify paying users with low usage quickly before they churn

Zombie Users
Paying users that never user the product are ALWAYS a risk for churn
Re-active Users
Keep more revenue by re-engaging straggling users
Real-Time Notifications
Know when users become at-risk for Churn

Zombie Users


Week of Dec, 15



Week of Dec, 15

Subscription Cancelled


📅 12/1/2023 - 12/8/2023

💰 Revenue Analytics

  • 📈 MRR: $83,333 (+5.69% vs last week)
  • 📈 New Subscribers: 33 (+2.45% vs last week)
  • 📉 Churned Users: 12 (-2.43% vs last week)

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Receive updates on a candence that makes sense for your team where you want them to show up.
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