Seemlessly connect payments data to your customer product usage

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Thoughtfully designed.
We're thoughtfully designing every integration to pull the data you need and make setup a breeze. We're comitted to that that we'll do it for you.
Data aggregation handled for you.
Once your tools are connected with pull data in and stitch it together for you. No effort needed.
Out of the box dashboards
Each integration can be easily visualized and combined with all your data.

Stripe Data Connection

Payments data is the lifeblood of every business. Connecting payments information to every touch point your customer has with your business is critical

Tie subscriptions directly to users and orgs. Know when new subscriptions are created and when they are updated Stripe docs
MRR is what should happen, Charges are what actually happened. See net revenue in aggregate and for each customer. Stripe docs
Plans & Products
Mapped plans and products into Swishjam for easy reporting & analysis Stripe docs
Checkout & Payment Link Sessions
Deep funnel analysis with checkout and payment link sessions let you know how often folks are checking out and how often they convert Stripe docs
Profile Enrichment
Swishjam enriches your user profiles with Stripe data so that you can see the full picture of your customer
Cohort Analysis
Analyze your customer base by cohort to understand how your business is growing over time and which customers are most valuable

Sprinkle magic in

Build Automations
From Stripe Activity

Easily trigger automations, workflows, and reports from incoming data to update systems, send notifications, and more

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Know if your emails turn into more user activity

Combine data from all your apps into a useful singular view

Email Data 🤝 Usage Profiles
Know if your emails turn into more user activity or if they are being ignored. Easily connect the data to get a full picture of your customer
User Events Trigger Outbound Emails
Easily send emails when users register or complete a series of events

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Pre-built dashboards, reports, automations, more