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Changelog Update 1/30/2023

Changelog Update 1/30/2023

Zach Zimbler
Zach ZimblerJanuary 2, 2024

We've been super busy the last several weeks since our last Changelog update. Here's a run down of what we've shipped:


Revenue Analytics Swishjam’s Revenue Analytics solution pulls in all of your core SaaS-related revenue metrics into a single dashboard to enable you to better understand your business and keep track of what matters most; your revenue

Read the full details on Revenue Analytics

Event Trigger Updates Part of our automation suite, Event Triggers received an upgrade. You can now easily test triggers before creating them as well as edit triggers after they've been created. We've added the ability to filter and trigger slack messages only when you want them.

Infra Work We've been doing a bunch of work to connect profiles and organizations better. We've been putting in a lot of work here to make this really robust and it'll pay off in our next update for lots of features for you all.

Full List:

  • Revenue Analytics is live
  • Filters on event triggers
  • Rebuilt the Stripe data ingestion
  • Added ability to test Slack triggers before creating them
  • Added ability to edit the Slack triggers
  • Automated summary of slack events sent to your channels
  • Opened up backend events & added to the docs
  • UTM parameter free tool
  • Added auto-capturing of events to our instrumentation
  • Work and profiles and organizations. We've tied events to users like Stripe & Resend events.
  • Filtering on users page
  • Github Integration

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